THE EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF EXPERT-ADVISORS IN FINE ART looks over the dignity, the independence and the title quality of an expert or expert-advisor and organize promoting and training actions towards official entities on the national and international level.

Any questions or activities, regarding political, religious or racial aspect, are absolutely excluded from the goals and work field of the European Chamber on Expert-Advisors in Fine Art.

As being part of the art world with numerous specialties and with different nationalities, the experts and expert-advisors of the European Chamber do have the same prerogatives, the same rights and the same obligations.

The expert or expert-advisor is fully responsible for his studies and works. His moral, professional or civil responsibility is determined by national or European legislations or by internal rules commonly applied in his field of expertise.

The preservation of the quality and moral requirements of the profession is over looked by the Board of Directors of the European Chamber , which makes sure of the moral and ethics quality of any actual or new members.

Those ethic rules are the charter of the Chamber, absolutely necessary meeting point of any European Expert.