Answer the national, european and international needs for expertise



THE EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF EXPERT-ADVISORS IN FINE ART is, in this respect, a mine of technical and human resources for governments, national and European entities, public and private companies, private collectors or investors, for specific missions, expertise or arbitration, in specific fields, for legal needs or as a simple audit.

Management of experts training

Improvement of knowledge, sharing opinions and meetings with other experts and expert-advisors.

Professional training of younger experts (trainees).


Creating expertise offices regrouping experts in different fields

nationally or on the European level.


throughout Europe, using local delegations, its ethics code.

Helping the regrouping of European and international experts

willing to defend the quality of expertise.

Helping sharing knowledge and experiences

between experts and expert-advisors.

To represent its members

in national and European institutions.


in the public opinion, on the national and European level, a better knowledge of the functions and role of experts (for pure expertise) and expert-advisors (for art market analysis).